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  • TPMS Service Kit U1: Time and cost saving for workshops

    A tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has been mandatory for all new vehicles since 2014 - this can cause some challenges for tyre workshops. Every time a tyre is changed, the tyre pressure sensor has to be serviced, programmed and wear parts replaced. In addition, according to an EU directive, a defective TPMS system is classified as a critical defect - the vehicle in question will then not pass the general examination.

    There are several reasons for this, since missing tyre pressure can have more negative effects than one might first suspect. For example, driving safety suffers in curves and on wet roads, and the braking distance increases. If the tyre pressure is too low, the rolling resistance of the car increases, leading to increased fuel consumption and wear. For this reason, tyre workshops and original equipment manufacturers recommend that the tyre pressure monitoring system should be checked and serviced each time the tyres are changed. Wear parts such as the rubber seal, the union nut, the valve insert or the valve cap must then be replaced. Observing the service intervals therefore not only ensures compliance with the regulations, but also an increased level of driving safety.

    With the HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT Universal Service Kit U1, WEGMANN automotive has succeeded in identifying and successfully combining the most frequently used service parts for tyre pressure sensors. The result: the TPMS Service Kit is suitable for 97% of all tyre pressure monitoring systems on the market and thus offers a universal solution for the otherwise required 35 Service Kits.

    The many different TPMS Service Kits were in fact rarely needed in the daily routine of a car repair shop. However, they had to be kept in stock in order to ensure the highest possible coverage of the vehicles. The result was high inventories, outdated material and a lot of capital tied up in the workshop. The selection of the right service kit from a large number of variants is a time and cost factor, especially under time pressure in the tyre changing season.

    For the control systems that are not covered by the Universal Service Kit U1, only one more product from HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT will be required in the future: the TPMS Starter Set (article number 0401-0022-450). The variety of parts in the workshop is thus enormously reduced and the stocking of parts simplified.

    Would you like to learn more about our new Universal Service Kit U1? Further information can be found on our website.