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  • TPMS Service Kits - more safety for your wheels

    With the TPMS Starter Kits by HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT workshops are prepared best for the maintenance of different TPMS systems.

    From November 1st 2014 on, all passenger cars and caravans in the EU must have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This means a big conversion for workshops in wheel change. As like before, when the gum valve had to be renewed at tire service, single components of the TPMS-sensor have to be replaced. For that, HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT developed TPMS Service Kits in OE-Quality. At every wheel change the according parts set has to be used in order to replace the wear parts (female screw, gasket, nickel plated valve, dust cap). This improves security, prevents failures and consequential damages which are bigger and more costly (e. g. the complete change of the sensor because of a corroded valve core).

    The TPMS Starter Kit provides a wide assortment of common service kits. With this choice of service kits, over 85 % of all European new cars can be covered. The amount of the single service kits has been defined according to the market demand. All service kits are delivered in accustomed HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT OE-Quality. This guarantees maximum reliability of the single components also under extreme conditions. Furthermore, HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT offers TPMS Refill Kits. These were developed for brand-specialized workshops to comply with the exact demand. The refill kits contain 20 service kits of one type each. HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT provides a choice of recently 18 different service kits.

    The TPMS Starter Kits and the respective refill kits are now on sale.