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    Adhesive weight Type 360

    The weights have a height of 5.8 mm (incl. tape) and a width of 15 mm. Weights of 20 grams and higher feature a single groove; weights of 35 grams and higher feature two grooves; 50 grams and higher three grooves; and 65 grams and higher four grooves.
    This facilitates moulding to the rim radius. Segments are connected with two narrow steps, for easier and faster mounting. For vehicles, where there is no sufficient clearance in the brake caliper area, please use our weight type 361.

    05 g: 4049256020666
    10 g: 4049256020505
    15 g: 4049256020345
    20 g: 4049256020178
    25 g: 4049256020000
    30 g: 4049256019837
    35 g: 4049256059666
    40 g: 4049256059505
    45 g: 4049256059345
    50 g: 4049256059185
    55 g: 4049256059031
    60 g: 4049256058737
    65 g: 4049256058690
    70 g: 4049256058690
    75 g: 4049256058652
    SKU: 5360-0XX0-201
    Weight Size: 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 25g, 30g, 35g, 40g, 45g, 50g, 55g, 60g, 65g, 70g, 75g
    Packaging units: 5 - 30 grams, 100 pieces/box
    35 - 75 grams, 50 pieces/box
    Vehicle type: Passenger car
    Material: ZN
    Rim type: Aluminium rims

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