The right weight for every rim

At HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT, we offer a full range of balancing weights for every type of rim like no other supplier in the world. You benefit from solutions for every application as well as the security of a perfect fit and best holding force on the rim.

 Knock-on weights - perfect fit

HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT knock-on wheel weights are made of a fine zinc alloy. With the broad available range of weight types and weight sizes the best fit for any type of rim can be assured. In addition, the extra-strong clips meet OEM requirements and provide a secure fit in all driving situations.   

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Adhesive weights - guaranteed strong holding force

OE-Adhesive tape - tested by automotive manufacturers

For usage at car manufacturers the OE-tape has to meet high standards. The backing material thicknesses match optimal to each weight and the tape is temperature resistant from -40°C to approx. +250°C. The weight can be moved immediatly following adhesion and with careful handling. The complete adhesion force will be reached after 72 hours. All single adhesive weights are equipped with OE-tape.

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SPEEDLINER® and Fingerlift


Save time and money with the innovative tape from HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT now on all bars. All adhesive bars for passenger cars are equipped with a perforated tape with the innovative SPEEDLINER ® technology. Thanks to the perforation, the individual segments can be separated easily and without tools. The SPEEDLINER ® tape is a great relief for working in the garage mainly because of its residue-free removal during subsequent disassembly of the weights.

Fingerlift – easy liner removal

Thanks to the 3 mm overlapping liner, the Fingerlift-Liner provides an easy liner removal from the tape. All adhesive rolls as well as some additional adhesive bars are equipped with the Fingerlift.

Clean breaking Points thanks TO perforated liner

All passenger car adhesive weights are equipped with the perforated liner. Thanks to this liner, all segments can be cut off quick and easy. There is no more need for additional tools.

Balancing Compound - efficient balancing

Only for applications up to 100 km/h and medium & heavy trucks.

Balancing compound is an alternative to the classic balancing of truck tyres with balancing weights. Simply fill bags or loose powder into tyres - done. No lead. No balancing machine. Balancing is so easy with HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT.

How does the balancing compund work?

In a running tyre the balancing compound is dispersed along the tyre walls due to the centrifugal force. If an imbalance occurs, the powder automatically settles opposite the heavy spot and compensates for the imbalance. Due to the flexible positioning of the balancing compound rebalancing is no longer necessary.

Our service:

  • Easy-to-read application chart on bags, buckets or cardboard boxes: Find the right size for every tire.
  • Self-explanatory assembly instructions: Easy to follow step-by-step explanation on the packaging.
  • High-quality accessories for a proper installation: Valve core and marked metal valve cap included in every bag.
  • Garage-optimized storage box: Small packaging units with a convenient opening for efficient storage in the garage.

More information on balancing compound can be found in our FAQs & flyers.

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