Original part adhesive weight (chrome) from: KTM, Triumph The adhesive bar can be individually segmented and divided into 3 x 10 gram and 3 x 5 gram sections. The balancing weights are the ideal alternative to the single adhesive weight 360. The segments of the balancing weight can be separated without tools, total height with adhesive tape 6.1 mm. Width: 15 mm. Made in Germany Why should you balance tyres at all? At a speed of 100 km/h the centrifugal force of a 10 g unbalance acts like the force of a sledge hammer. This makes wheels without balancing weights a danger: Without adhesive weights on steel and aluminium rims, wheel suspensions and bearings are subjected to greater stress. Missing balancing weights on aluminium and steel rims can also lead to noticeable vibrations at the steering wheel and in the interior. In addition, non-existent adhesive bars result in increased brake and tyre wear. Assembly of adhesive weights: Basically the rim surface must be free of grease, silicone, dust and dry before mounting the adhesive weights. The processing temperature of the adhesive weights must not fall below 10 °C and the surface for attachment to the rim must not exceed a maximum bevel of 15 °C from the hub direction. Then select the required grammage of the adhesive weights and, if necessary, separate the balancing weights from the adhesive bar or the adhesive weight roll. Then carefully bend the adhesive weight slightly smaller than the rim radius and adjust to the rim radius. Then you can remove the protective foil of the balancing weights or adhesive weights and stick the weight in the middle of the intended place.