Hofmann Power Weight's endless adhesive weight roll for light alloy rims Endless adhesive weights from Hofmann Power Weight are supplied with 1.000 coated zinc segments of 5 g each on a roll - easy to separate. The cardboard box is equipped with a special ""Anti-Roll-Back"" function, which prevents the end of the roll from sliding back into the box. Now also available with protruding liner for easy handling (FL=fingerlift). The adhesive weights are perfectly suited for aluminium rims or other light alloy rims. Made in Germany Our adhesive weights roll can be ideally combined with our Hofmann Speed Cut System, which you can also find in our Amazon range. At a speed of 100 km/h the centrifugal force of a 10 g unbalance acts like the force of a sledge hammer. This makes wheels without balancing weights a danger: Without adhesive weights on steel and aluminium rims, wheel suspensions and bearings are subjected to greater stress. Missing balancing weights on steel and aluminium rims can also lead to noticeable vibrations at the steering wheel and in the interior. In addition, non-existent adhesive bars result in increased brake and tyre wear. Picture may differ slightly from the article (additionally with fingerlift)