Hofmann Power Weight, as the market leader in balancing, offers you the best solution for use in tyres. The balancing powder type 505 has been developed for maximum performance through careful selection of materials and tested for maximum safety in intensive laboratory and field tests. The innovative fusion technology of the balancing components ensures an optimal balancing result. Only suitable for applications up to 100 km/h How does balancing powder work? The balancing powder is initially distributed evenly on the inner wall of the tyre while driving. The reason for this is the centrifugal force. In the case of an unbalance of the wheel, as the speed increases, the centrifugal force of the heavy spot becomes greater and the wheel starts to wobble and jump. The balancing powder automatically settles against the heavy spot and thus compensates the unbalance. Due to the flexible positioning of the balancing powder, the optimum balance is always achieved without further effort, even if the unbalance changes. Why balancing powder from Hofmann Power Weight? The workshop-optimised packaging eliminates the need to walk to the shelf and the bags in the attractive design can be removed through a dispenser opening. Furthermore, each bag contains application instructions and can be opened quickly through a perforation. Hofmann Power Weight in itself is also considered the most important supplier of balancing weights to vehicle manufacturers worldwide.