The standard solution in a new design: Type 504 balancing powder is delivered in a new optimized 6kg container, which includes a measuring spoon and a reference chart for filling quantity. The balancing powder is used to compensate the static imbalance of commercial vehicles. The practical fillling chart can also be hung up. How does tyre balancing powder work? During the drive, the balancing powder is evenly distributed in the inner side of the tire. This happens thanks to the centrifugal force. If the wheel is unbalanced, the centrifugal force of the unbalanced point increases with increasing speed and the wheel starts swinging. The balancing powder settles automatically against the unbalanced area and thus compensates for the wheel imbalance. Thanks to the ability of the powder to change position, the wheels are always balanced, even if the imbalance changes. Why choose Hofmann Power Weight balancing powder? Hofmann Power Weight is considered by vehicle manufacturers around the world to be the most important supplier of balancing weights. Advantages of wheel balancing powder: No balancing machine is required for the application of the balancing powder - just take the amount of powder suggested in the table and insert it in the tire. In addition, the balancing powder allows a better driving style in terms of reduced fuel consumption and longer tyre life. Thanks to the coating of the balancing grains, the TPMS sensors and the inside of the tire can not get damaged.