In the past, TPMS workshops have faced a number of challenges. Many different RDKS service kits were required to cover all sensors on the market. There was uncertainty about the selection and use of the right service kit. The high stock level meant a lot of tied up capital and the training of skilled workers was costly and time-consuming. All these problems are largely eliminated with the new Universal RDKS Kit U1 from Hofmann Power Weight: - The kit ensures 97% market coverage of all metal valves from TPMS sensors. - The Service Kit is the new universal solution for 36 different RDKS sets. - By reducing the variety of service kits, costs are reduced and unused inventory is decreased. - You avoid loss of sales due to missing service kits. - The Universal TPMS Kit provides simplified handling, application and training. Why RDKS Service Kits? Just like the rubber valve, the wearing parts of the RDKS sensor (rubber seal, union nut, valve core & valve cap) should be replaced professionally each time the tyre is changed. A regular RDKS service guarantees a high degree of safety and reliability and prevents failures. The RDKS service is strongly recommended by manufacturers and professional organisations.