Tire pressure monitoring systems

TPMS Service Kits -
Spare parts for TPMS service

To ensure the functionality of the tire pressure monitoring system, manufacturers and professional organizations recommend a regular TPMS service. Just like the rubber valve, the wearing parts of the TPMS sensors (rubber seal, union nut, valve core & valve cap) should be replaced professionally every time the tire is changed.

HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT is the only supplier to offer complete market coverage for direct TPMS with its spare parts sets, the TPMS Service Kits - and in OEM quality.

The advantages of HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT RDKS Service Kits at a glance:

  • 100% market coverage for direct TPMS

  • OE quality - from manufacturing to corrosion resistance and packaging

  • With the RDKS refill packs individual RDKS service kit types can be ordered

  • The refill packs each contain 20 TPMS service kits of a specific type

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Universal Service Kit U1
- the universal solution for 36 different service kits

For the workshop, the TPMS service poses challenges:

  • Many different TPMS service kits are needed to cover all sensors on the market.
  • This results in a high inventory level, which in turn means a lot of tied-up capital.
  • Due to the high variety, uncertainty arises when selecting and using the right TPMS service kit.
  • Training of specialists is necessary and costly.

Our solution: One product for (almost) all cases.

For the first time, HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT launches a universal TPMS service kit suitable for 97% of all metal valve stems of tire pressure sensors on the market. Thanks to extensive research and investigation, the most commonly used service parts of TPMS sensors have been identified and combined into one TPMS Service Kit. With the help of the guide, you can easily and quickly identify the right spare parts for TPMS service and replace the wear parts. One of many benefits:

  • 97% market coverage of all tire pressure sensor metal valves.
  • Universal solution for 36 different TPMS service kits
  • Cost reduction by reducing the RDKS service kit variety
  • Reduction of unused stock
  • Easy handling and application
  • Avoidance of sales losses due to missing TPMS service kits

TPMS Starter Set

In addition, there is also the TPMS Starter Set from HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT.

The TPMS set has been optimized to meet the needs of the market and offers a wide range of common service kits. With this selection of TPMS service kits, over 85% of all new European vehicles can be covered, ensuring efficient stocking for the workshop.

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TPMS accessories

The TPMS tool set enables the removal and fitting of all TPMS sensors with rubber and metal valves and offers the following advantages:

  • fixed preset torques for the most common TPMS applications
  • Time-consuming adjustment of the torques is eliminated
  • Colour code on HPW service kits and tools
  • Quick and easy tool identification
  • Professional screw mechanism prevents overtightening of components