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    TPMS Tool Set

    The TPMS TOOL SET allowed the fitting of al service kit sensors and offers the following advantages:

    - Maintenance of all OE and universal sensors possible
    - 13 part assortment for all needs
    - Made in Germany
    - Proven Wera quality from the market leader
    - Colour code on TPMS tools and application devices
    - Quick and easy tool identification
    - No time consuming torque set up
    - Preset tools for all relevant torque values
    - The professional screw mechanism avoids the overtightening of the components

    - Rubber seal removal tool
    - Fixation torque screwdriver for Aligator metalvalves
    - Fixation torque screwdriver for CUB valves
    - Fixation torque screwdriver for Schrader valves
    - Fixation torque screwdriver for Huf snap-in vales
    - Torx Bits (TX15/TX20)
    - Adapter for sockets
    - Variable torque wrench for all nuts
    - Fixation tool for all huf valves
    - Torque screwdriver for all valve cores
    - Sockets (11 mm/12 mm)

    EAN: 4049256105639
    SKU: 0401-0022-500
    Packaging units: 1 piece

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