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    • 100% vehicle coverage

      HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT is the only supplier providing a 100% coverage for all European vehicles from 2014 on.

    • Highest OE-Quality

      Spare parts in OE Quality guarantee best work results and maximum reliability even under extreme conditions.

    • Latest corrosion protection technology

      All metal components are treated with the latest corrosion protection technology for highest demands.

    Regular service for your TPMS-Sensors!

    When a tyre is replaced on a vehicle without TPMS, it is normal to replace the rubber valve. In the case of a direct TPMS system, some components of the sensor must also be replaced. Every time a tyre is replaced, the suitable TPMS Service Kit must be used to replace the wear parts (nut, O-ring, nickel plated valve core, cap).

    • Increase safety
    • Prevents breakdowns
    • Avoids larger and more expensive consequential damages

    (For example a complete replacement of the sensor because the valve core is stucked by corrosion.)

    Reduced stock-keeping

    TPMS Starter-kit

    Demand-optimized box filling for efficient warehousing. The TPMS Starter Kit provides a wide assortment of common service kits. With this choice of service kits, over 85% of all European new cars can be covered.

    Components of a TPMS Service Kits

      1. Valve nut
      2. valve cap
      3. Valve core
      4. Seal
      5. O-Rings*

      * Some Service Kits also include O-Rings in 4 different colours. The Position of the O-Rings is on the outside of the nut. Each colour describes the Position of one wheel. The combination of the Position of the Wheel and the colour of the O-Ring is as follow: Green=Front left; Yellow=Front right; Red=Rear left; Black=Rear right

    TPMS – Expert's Advice

    • HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT provides advice and support to its customers online. Here you will find further information on TPMS in the form of useful application charts, technical product information and installation videos.

      Expert's advice