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Do you know this too?

  • For you, small weights are difficult to place and they always fall out of your hand?
  • You often hit your fingers?

Hitys Lösung: Die Aufschlaghilfe

Hity's solution: The knock-on aid

  • Magnet to fix the weight
  • Fast and safe working due to integrated hand protection

Knock-on Aid

No more blue fingers

If you miss only once, you can quickly hit your fingers or the rim. Our expert Hity has convincing arguments why you can work more precisely with the knock-on aid.

  • Easy mounting of knock-on weights
  • Ideal for small, unwieldy grammages
  • With integrated magnet for fixing the weight
  • Increased work safety
  • Injury-free and safe assembly of knock-on weights

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Do you have a product idea that would help you and your colleagues make the wheel changing process easier? Or are you still looking for a suitable solution to a problem? Then write us! We have made it our business to make the wheel change as efficient as possible and look forward to your suggestions. Write us and become part of team troubleshooter!


This is what happy customers look like!

Our partner Mr. Most from Autohaus Most in Kitzingen contacted our troubleshooters and described his problem with spare parts for balancing Fiat Ducto wheels. Together we have found a solution that inspires and facilitates the daily workshop routine. Watch the complete interview here!

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Do you know this too?

  • You have a high wheel storage rate and it takes forever to remove the adhesive residue from the weights?

Sticky's solution: Speedliner adhesive tape

  • Adhesive weight rolls with residue-free removable Speedliner adhesive tape
  • Saves time & nerves


Removes adhesive without leaving residues

Sticky believes that a good tape should not only hold tight, but also be quick and easy to remove - especially if you have a high rate of wheel storage.


Sticky believes that a good tape should not only hold tight, but also be quick and easy to remove.


Thanks to its special construction, the SPEEDLINER adhesive tape can be removed easily and without leaving any residue.

The optimized foam of the SPEEDLINER is easy to tear off and leaves a clean separating edge when breaking off individual segments.

Fingerlift, a protruding protective film, is easy to grip and allows the tape to be pulled off quickly and easily.

  • Available as 5 kg roll
  • Fits in the Speedcut

*subtitles available



Do you know this too?

  • You have adverse storage conditions and the adhesive weights just won't hold?

Lizy's solution: Ultraliner adhesive tape

  • Adhesive weight rollers with strong hold due to the Ultraliner adhesive tape
  • High initial tack


Ultra strong hold

Lizy keeps her promise. Adhesive weights with Ultraliner stick stubbornly - even on dirty, cold or dull rims.

  • holds extremely tightly to any rim
  • Ideal for customers with high requirements
  • Adheres even to dirty, cold and dull rims
  • Available as 5 kg roll
  • Fits in the Speedcut

*subtitles available

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Smart accessories for the wheel change

Smart as a fox is not just a saying for Foxy! She has the right solution for every problem. Smart as she is, she knows that you can only reach your goal quickly and safely with the right accessories.

Discover accessories


  • Simplified stockkeeping for the workshop
  • Perfect matching of rollers and Speedcut
  • Innovative cutting device
  • Best working results
  • Quick reading of the suitable grammage


  • simple type selection for impact weights
  • for steel and light alloy rims
  • Never drop weights again
  • Find the right knock-on weight with the best fit right away
  • No time wasted on balancing
  • Always satisfied customers
  1. Keep the selection guide on the rim
  2. Find the appropriate inversion
  3. Read the type number
  4. Take the correct weight with the type number read off


  • Easy mounting and removal of the tire from the rim
  • Tire does not stick to the rim
  • Cracks and signs of aging of winter and summer tires do not appear too quickly
  • High sliding ability
  • Low effort and time
  • After mounting the tire sits tightly on the rim
  • Can be used for all sandard applications for car and truck tires
  • Apply the product thinly to the tire beads with a sponge or brush.
  • The tire now slides easily onto the rim without damage.


  • Easy and quick removal of adhesive weights
  • Prevents scratching of the rim
  • Maximum clamping range: 21 mm
  • Simple and gentle removal of adhesive weights
  • High-quality, robust plastic
  • Blade width: 22.5 mm
  • For assembly and disassembly of knock-on weights
  • Quick and easy application

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