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  • What does Speedliner-Technology mean?

    All adhesive bars for passenger cars are equipped with a perforated tape with the innovative SPEED­LINER technology. Thanks to the perforation, the individual segments can be separated easily and without tools. The SPEEDLINER tape is a great relief for working in the workshop mainly because of its residue-free removal during subsequent disassembly of the weights.

    What does the Speedliner provide?

    Removable without leaving traces

    Marking a first, the new adhesive strip has a 5-layer structure. A special interme­diate reinforcement film with exceptional tear-resistant properties ensures strong cohesion within the adhesive strip. Thanks to this long-last­ing bond structure, removing the adhesive weight strip is a much easier job: any foam residue sticks to the rein­forcement film and the adhe­sive weight can thus be lifted off without leaving any traces behind. The SPEEDLINER ® adhe­sive strip* makes not only foam residue on rims a thing of the past, but also the time-con­suming cleaning work using scrapers or aggressive toxic agents that goes with it. As a result, fitters will save both time and money - and vehicle owners will be delighted with a solution that is gentle on rims.

    Higher initial tack

    The adhesive has been opti­mised specifically in line with HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT‘s specifications and not only features a higher initial tack, but also achieves its maxi­mum final adhesive strength even faster than before. This means the adhesive weight is guaranteed to stay in place, even on rims that have not been perfectly cleaned be­forehand. The balance position can still be corrected immedi­ately thanks to the innovative bond structure, meaning that costly and time-consuming readjustment work is no longer an issue - and resulting in hap­py customers in the workshop as well as fewer complaints.

    Clean tearing edges

    The optimised SPEEDLINER ® foam can now be torn even more easily than before and leaves a clean tearing edge when individual segments are separated off. Combined with the grid web technology used in the HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT adhesive weights and the perforated liner, this feature makes fitting work considerably simpler. What is more, it allows for an even bigger reduction in the amount of adhesive weight scrap pro­duced, as damage to the liner is prevented when separating off individual segments.

    Easy liner removal

    Stronger material has been used to create the new protective film (known as the liner). This allows the liner to grip more easily, which in turn makes removing it a quicker and more straight­forward job for the fitter.

    Download Speedliner Flyer