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    After being parked for months inside, it’s finally time. Winter is in the rear-view and motorcycle season is upon us. As responsible owners, making sure our vehicles are ready to come out of hibernation in the best way possible is first priority to ensure longevity and efficiency.

    Here are three steps to ensure that your bike is ready:

    1. Prepare and Plan

      • - Every year during the cycle of seasons, when the cold weather hits and your bike is going into its yearly retirement, make sure to take care of any known issues and store your bike properly. Don’t forget, the work done ahead of time can save us numerous hours in the long-run.

    2. Inspect

      • - You know the condition that your bike was in when you put it up for the season, but when it’s time to take it out of the garage for the first this year, you want to make sure that nothing unexpected popped up during the riding interim.

        The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends a T-CLOCS inspection before any ride (See TCLOCS image to the right)

    3. Update

      • - Take care of any loose ends or any issues you may have found during the inspection

      • - Make appointments for any service or preventative maintenance needed from a technician at your local shop (balancing, fluids, etc.) – Wheel balance is key to high performance and a comfortable ride. To learn more about wheel balance solutions for your motorcycle, click here.

    • Last but not least, RIDE. Enjoy the season while knowing that you have properly taken care of your bike for the many miles ahead.

      Also, mark your calendars because National Motorcycle Ride Day is the second Saturday in October of each year, making this year’s date fall on October 13, 2018.