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  • Drive longer and smarter by Balancing Compound with advanced Fusion Technology

    Balancing Compound by HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT with innovative FUSION TECHNOLOGY promises quick and easy balancing.

    To expand the truck product portfolio, HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT is now offering Balancing Compound 505. With this new addition there is a product solution for every need. The balancing compound works by dispersing along the tyre walls in a running tyre due to the centrifugal force. With increasing speed, imbalance of the wheel assembly (heavy spot) will cause vibrations like bouncing and wobbling. At the same time the higher speed will also cause the centrifugal force to disperse the material in the tyre and automatically push the compound opposite to the heavy spot, compensating the vibrations. As the compound can flow freely in the tyre, it will constantly adjust to shifts in forces caused by changed imbalances, speeds and road conditions, guaranteeing an always smooth ride.

    The secret of the innovative Fusion Technology is the different size of the balancing material. The larger red kernels concentrate in the center of the tyre and dampen the static imbalance. The smaller blue kernels are moving to the outside of the tyre and compensate wobbling which is caused by dynamic imbalance. The result is a smooth ride for the complete tyre life.

    Besides Fusion Technology, the balancing compound offers further advantages: From now on, you can balance truck tyres even faster and easier, since for the usage of the compound no balancing machine is necessary, and therefore a rebalancing is omitted. Just tear the bag open and place it in the tyre. The balancing compound in the running tyre reduces vibrations and provides for an even tyre wear which makes the tyres ultimately lasting longer and running smoother and cooler. The vibration dampening increases comfort as a side effect and let the driver reach their goal more relaxed. Furthermore, you can save fuel by a better tread contact to the road, an advantage for you and the environment. TPMS sensors, which may be installed, are not affected by the specially coated compound. Each bag contains a special valve core as well as a high quality metal valve cap with a marking protecting the valve in addition.

    The HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT Balancing Compound is offered in five different packaging sizes, from XS to XL. With the clear application chart, customers find the convenient weight size fast and easily. The illustrated instruction on each bag offers additional benefit and makes the use of the Balancing Compound even more easy.

    HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT Balancing Compound 505 is now on sale. For further information go to