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    • 100% vehicle coverage

      HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT is the only supplier providing a 100% coverage for all European vehicles from 2014 on.

    • Highest OE-Quality

      Spare parts in OE Quality guarantee best work results and maximum reliability even under extreme conditions.

    • Latest corrosion protection technology

      All metal components are treated with the latest corrosion protection technology for highest demands.

    TPMS Service Kits

    100% vehicle coverage

    Regular service for your TPMS-Sensors!

    When a tyre is replaced on a vehicle without TPMS, it is normal to replace the rubber valve. In the case of a direct TPMS system, some components of the sensor must also be replaced. Every time a tyre is replaced, the suitable TPMS Service Kit must be used to replace the wear parts (nut, O-ring, nickel plated valve core, cap).

    • Increase safety
    • Prevents breakdowns
    • Avoids larger and more expensive consequential damages

    (For example a complete replacement of the sensor because the valve core is stucked by corrosion.)

    Components of a TPMS Service Kit

      1. Valve nut
      2. valve cap
      3. Valve core
      4. Seal
      5. O-Rings*

      * Some Service Kits also include O-Rings in 4 different colours. The Position of the O-Rings is on the outside of the nut. Each colour describes the Position of one wheel. The combination of the Position of the Wheel and the colour of the O-Ring is as follow: Green=Front left; Yellow=Front right; Red=Rear left; Black=Rear right

    TPMS - Expert's Advice